Episode 002: Video Game Prices

Chalk and Rumpo discuss video game prices, and whether gamers are getting ripped off.

The second episode of Push to Talk is here, and as per usual, Chalk, Rumpo and Scanner are grumpy about several different issues in the gaming world. If you plan to be a fan of the podcast for a long time to come, you might want to get used to that. These three tend to get grumpy without much warning.

This week, the podcast starts off with our first user submitted question for #PushToTalk. Twitter user, Insanity Rocks, writes in and asks where the responsibility lies for policing toxic players in online gaming. Is it with developers, publishers, or the community?

When things finally get rolling, our grumpy hosts start talking about video game prices, and more specifically, what warrants a game getting a $60 price tag ($80 if you’re in Canada). How can phone-it-in AAA titles charge the big bucks, when games like The Witness and Unravel deliver the goods for, in some cases, a quarter of the cost?

All this talk about money wore our moody hosts down, which seemed like a great time to throw things over to Scanner’s Rant. This week, Mr. Barkly discussed his way through the topic of hardcore gamers being disconnected from your average player. We lost count of the F-Bombs dropped, but we’d love for you to keep track and tweet us with the official count. You can also tweet at us if you want Scanner to cover a particular topic in his rant, although Chalk and Rumpo will not be held liable if you piss him off.

After listening to Scanner’s Rant, we realized that our jobs weren’t so bad and got back to regular podcast stuff, like the relationship that developers and publishers have with the content creators on Twitch and YouTube. This immediately darkened our moods again, but we pushed forward, discussing topics like sponsored videos and whether or not content creators are being taken advantage of. We even give you, the average viewer, some advice on how much faith to put into these content creators. Spoiler alert… not much.

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