Episode 008: Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is front and center on Push to Talk this week.

On this week’s episode of the Push to Talk video game podcast, Chalk and Rumpo don’t even pretend to care about anything else, focusing entirely on Battlefield 1, DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter set in World War I. We’re not really news kind of folks, but for those wondering, Battlefield 1 will release on October 21, 2016 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Well, loyal listeners, you all know that Chalk and Rumpo have deep ties to the Battlefield franchise. It’s helped both of our handsome hosts pass the time, earn some cash, and provided countless hours of fun and a handful of friendships. You might even be interested to know that Chalk and Rumpo first spoke all the way back when Battlefield 3 was a thing, so Push to Talk may not exist without the franchise.

Our first segment on Push to Talk deals with what we think of Battlefield 1 in the World War I setting, and how we think that the game should be called Battlefield I and not Battlefield 1. Rumpo is especially sour about this, so you definitely won’t want to miss that.

Scanner shows up and rants, and our producers have it on good authority that he’s also going to be putting some words down regarding Battlefield 1. The kicker with Scanner is that he’s an artist when it comes to being a verbal menace, and you can’t keep those types on a schedule. Art must breathe, or some form of bullshit that explains why Scanner may not talk Battlefield 1. Just covering our asses here.

During the second half of our podcast we tackle Battlefield 1 and how the “community” typically reacts to the franchise and DICE. Our words are less kind for these so-called fans of the franchise. Rumpo even believes that he’s got some potentially life-saving advice for these negative fools, although he’s also very certain they lack the self-awareness to take him seriously. Poor Rumpo, wise beyond his years and barely a soul on his level who can benefit from his knowledge.

Chalk, on the other hand, is finally seeing the light at the end of his gaming funk tunnel. He seems really excited for Battlefield 1, and this excitement was boosted when he saw some shiny new video cards and decided he needed to buy more toys. In fact, he’s now planning to buy the shiny new graphics card just for the Battlefield 1 release. There’s more details, but you’ll have to listen if you want those gems.

Lost in this episode was the idea of doing our mailbag segment that we like to call #PushToTalk. If you have any Battlefield 1 specific questions, or even random questions about anything, hit us up using all those fancy social media links on this very website.