Episode 009: Civilization 6

This week on Push to Talk, Chalk and Rumpo discuss some of the best story-driven games they’ve ever played, as well as why they are overly hyped up about Civilization 6.

Of course, we can’t mention story-driven games without addressing the elephant in the room that is Uncharted 4. Our hosts talk about how they find themselves drawn more into story-driven content and less into the tea-bagging multi-player worlds. They even wonder whether a game like Uncharted 4 needs a multi-player mode, and if Naughty Dog is just trying to give the perception of value to those who wouldn’t recognize it if it slapped them in the face.

As is the case with every podcast, Rumpo sheds a tear and fondly remembers The Last of Us, Heavy Rain and Dishonored. It’s almost like the guy only enjoys about five different games. Come to think of it, the guy only likes about five different games. Six once Civilization 6 drops.

We’d tell you what Scanner is ranting about, but our crack team of writers (Hi!) are crafting this post on Sunday, and Scanner is nipple deep in upgrading to Windows 10. We have zero control over what he talks about.

When the podcast returns (Read: Chalk is done editing Scanner’s rant into the audio track) for the second segment, the discussion moves on to Civilization 6, and how that is the only sure-to-be amazing game releasing on October 21, 2016. If you didn’t catch what we were doing there, too bad. We’re not going to spell it out for you.


Normally we don’t talk about the next episode in the previous episode’s post, but this time it’s special. For our 10th episode anniversary (Twitch-iversary if you’re a dumb streamer), we’re looking to bring in a foul-mouth guest who has strong opinions about stupid people, and no, it’s not Scanner. Tweet us using #PushToTalk if you think you can guess who we’re trying to lock down to join us next week.

Well, that will just about do it. For SEO purposes we need to mention Civilization 6 in the final sentence of the article, and we don’t pay our writers enough to even attempt to slip it in there naturally.