Episode 010: Battlefield vs Call of Duty

We discuss all things Battlefield vs Call of Duty.

This post regarding the Battlefield vs Call of Duty episode of our podcast is being written under protest.

Let it be known that it’s Saturday night on a long weekend, and Rumpo really wants to play Fallout 4: Far Harbor. Chalk, however, would like to scurry off for the weekend and do adult things, so here we are, banging out the bare minimum so that Rumpo can get back to fighting a Deathclaw, and Chalk can… go to bed or something.

Anyway, as you have likely been made aware of throughout the week, we had a grumpy guest on. If you thought it was Phil, you were right. The man loves to insult those that deserve it, and he even surprised us with his insight into this Battlefield vs Call of Duty nonsense. You see, we may have used a happy little click-bait title for this post, but we really aren’t fans of this feud. The three of us break it down on every level we can, from fans to content creators, and even the developers and publishers themselves.


Nobody is safe when Phil is on the warpath. Just kidding, he was sleepy and drinking beer, so it was a pretty passive version of Phil.

Scanner ranted.

I’m about 70 words shy of what Google would like for SEO purposes, and I haven’t mentioned Battlefield vs Call of Duty enough, so there you go.

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Battlefield vs Call of Duty should be mentioned one more time for the road.