Episode 011: Video Game Collectibles

The difference between video game collectibles and stuff.

On this episode of Push to Talk, Chalk and Rumpo weigh in on video game collectibles, as well as address the elephant in the room, Overwatch.

After Phil stumbled into your podcast lives last week, Push to Talk decided to turn things down a notch and talk about some less heavy stuff. Rumpo wanted to discuss video game collectibles, and he usually gets his way with these things.


Our two charismatic (haha) hosts chatted about the difference between collectibles done properly in games, and compared them to games that just included a lot of extra stuff to give the appearance of added value. Chalk and Rumpo both agreed that The Division did a fine job with collectibles, but weren’t quite as impressed with games like Far Cry Primal, and even Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

No clue why we continue tell you that we don’t know what Scanner is going to rant about. We never know. You can’t control an artist, folks.

Our second topic of the day was Overwatch. There was no debate or drama here, just two grown ass men admiring what a fine job Blizzard has done. There was discussion about what made Overwatch so good, but if we spilled the beans on that here, there would be no reason for you to listen. Just know what we, as with everyone else in the world, agree that the game is pretty freaking good. Now, go listen to why we think it’s succeeding where other shooters are failing, or not succeeding as much.

Once again, we’re nearing the cap on words that I’m paid to write, so we should wrap this up with a few shameless plugs about our social media. Yeah… Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and… that’s probably it. Since Chalk posts this he can edit if we’ve left something out.