Episode 012: Best E3 Presser

Discussing the best games and best E3 Presser of 2016.

On this episode of Push to Talk, Chalk and Rumpo share their thoughts on E3 so far, including what they believe to be the best E3 presser. Spoiler alert, it rhymes with pony.

Grab a beer, because this one gets long. It’s perhaps our longest podcast to date, but for good reason. E3 2016 is in full swing at this point, and Chalk and Rumpo wanted to talk about all the cool shit they’d seen from the big press conferences. This included thoughts on EA, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and likely one or two more that has slipped our minds due to old age.

We’ve also gotten very tired of Duhstee moaning about getting on the podcast, so we sent his ass to do some stuff regarding Nintendo. Assuming he actually did it, there will be a few minutes of him stumbling over his words (love you, Duhstee). We really have no clue what about Nintendo he plans to discuss, but we want to thank him for taking the time to do it just the same. He’s like the guy who got a job because he just sat outside and wouldn’t go the fuck away. Fast-forward 20 years and Duhstee is probably the CEO of Push to Talk, which will obviously have just gone public and started trading at $0.01 per share. Buy low, sell high.

Scanner recorded a rant for us, and it was definitely about E3. He recorded it before E3 because we opted to do this best E3 presser roundup last minute, but as Scanner told us last night, when is he ever not relevant? Doesn’t matter what the man says, you should probably write it down and adjust your daily life to incorporate his thoughts.

Be sure to hit us up in all of the usually places (they’re linked on this page), and let us know what it is about E3 2016 that you’re most excited about. Is it a game? Is it a piece of hardware? Or, are you just a negative ass who isn’t impressed by anything?