Episode 014: The One About DayZ

With .60 now stable, have we seen the best DayZ has to offer?

Greetings, survivors, and welcome to another episode of Push to Talk. On today’s show, Chalk and Rumpo have an in-depth discussion about the past, present and future of DayZ.

This week is the first episode where we’re running with our one topic formula, replacing the user submitted questions with our very own polls. This week’s poll asked “What impact has the 0.60 update of #DayZ had for you?” The results were fairly stable across the board, with a mix of votes being split between those who are playing it again since .60, those who never stopped, and those who feel the most recent update is too little, too late. See the full results below.

Chalk and Rumpo seem to mostly agree this week. They agree that DayZ is amazing game, and that it has the potential to be even better in the future. That future, however, depends on what content Bohemia has in store going forward, and what the community does with the canvas that Hicks and company have provided them with. Rumpo, in particular, tends to struggle more with public servers and players not keeping with the spirit of DayZ.

As it normally does, talking about a game and its potential leads our hosts to want to go play it, and even seek out a like-minded community to maximize their experience. Right now, that community seems to be The Red Zone, run by popular Twitch streamer, TehJamJar.

Before we wrapped this week’s episode, Scanner stopped by to rant. This is a man who marches to the beat of his own drum, so it’s Battlefield 1 and its HUD that he’s on about, not DayZ and the communities that make it great (or horrible).

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