Episode 016: Gaming is Expensive

Chalk and Rumpo discuss why all types of gaming are expensive.

Greetings, and thanks for checking out our website post… he says to the 14 people who actually check out each website post. This week Chalk and Rumpo decide to do a little shaming in regards to our listeners’ Steam libraries and how much they’ve spent, plus how many games they’ve purchased that they’ve never played. The results are kind of ridiculous.

As conversations between Chalk and Rumpo often go, this one took a turn and Rumpo ended up doing a Scanner (ranting) about why PC gaming isn’t cheaper than console gaming. Or at least why console gamers are likely to get more value for the money they’ve spent. Not that he’s defending console players or PC players or even saying one is better than the other. He was just trying to insult people who like to say dumb things on the internet. How dare they do such a thing without having a podcast to justify their opinions!

Scanner showed up and ranted about Pokémon, or at least about something that has him catching them all. He could be running around his neighborhood catching stupid people doing stupid things (like catching Pokémon), if we’re being honest.

As the episode came to a close, Rumpo also took issue with the idea that you can build a PC for the price of a console and get the PC gaming experience. Who can recall if Chalk agreed with him?

For next week, we wanted our listeners to vote in a poll about which game is better, The Long Dark or Valiant Hearts: The Great War. You see, Chalk has to play Valiant Hearts, and Rumpo has to play The Long Dark. We’d like to know from you who got the better deal. What game do you think is better? Don’t have an opinion? You can buy them on Steam right now and try each out, because don’t you know PC gaming is super cheap, yo!