Episode 023 – The One About the Motion of the Ocean

Episode 23 of Push to Talk sees the gang talk about the Outbreak Perfected quest in Destiny 2, Joe’s sea sickness, and how game releases are changing.

On this 23rd episode of Push to Talk, Joe, Jan, and Bill talk about Destiny 2, because of course, they do, as well as why Joe can’t play Sea of Thieves, and how incredibly hyped two-thirds of our hosts are for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Joe talks about how hyped he is for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and everyone weighs in on EA’s announcement that they need to adjust how they release games to fit a more modern model, which Bill is pretty sure means they’re going to somehow monetize betas.

An episode wouldn’t be complete without Joe playing something Bill and Jan haven’t heard of, or Bill and Jan sighing as they talk about falling back into the pit that is Destiny 2. Tune in and you could win nothing.