Episode 024 – The One About What Not to Do

In episode 24, the gang discusses Destiny 2 nerfs, the lack of matchmaking in The Division 2’s eight-player raid, and the slow demise of E3.

Greetings, and welcome to Episode 24 of Push to Talk, The One About What Not to Do. In this episode, Joe, Jan, and Bill discuss what they’ve been playing over the last week and, surprise, it’s a lot of Destiny 2 for two-thirds of the crew. This conversation is quick to transition into observations of several high-profile studios making very dumb mistakes lately, such as the Destiny 2 nerfs by Bungie, the lack of matchmaking in The Division 2 raid, and a genuine question about how near game-breaking bugs make it into updates when a single experienced player could have caught it beforehand. The crew finishes up this episode talking about E3 and how it seems more and more big names are skipping it, so basically everyone goes away sad.