Episode 025 – The One About Rigging Your Game House

Episode 25 sees the exposure of our three hosts’ gaming home weirdness, including Jan actually believing that clearing out a second room in his home for VR only is a reasonable thing to do, and Joe talking about running a server room which… somehow seems more reasonable.

Welcome to episode 25 of Push to Talk, The One About Rigging Your Game House. If you’ve learned nothing else over the last couple months about our three hosts, you should know by now that they are all ridiculous in how they video games and technology in their homes. Whether it’s Bill refusing to buy new gear because he has a hard limit on the number of cables in his setup, Jan trying to claim a second room for VR, or Joe perhaps setting up a server room in his new home, each of them is crazy for different reasons, and it all comes out in this episode. Oh, we also talk about the news, and our attempt to get to know each other better by playing Dauntless which was… fine. All that and some wacky predictions just for giggles.