Episode 026 – The One About Reverse Laddering

With Bill out sick, Jan and Joe are joined by Larryn and discuss the trickle of news predating E3, starting with Death Stranding’s strange new trailer.

This week Jan and Joe are joined by Larryn who graciously agreed to sit in for Bill who is fighting an insufferable case of the man flu. Or is he being insufferable? I can’t quite recall. Either way, we’ve got a fresh perspective as we cover the past week’s gaming experiences and most significant news stories.

With E3 a mere week away, we’re dissecting the latest Death Stranding trailer – spoiler: we have no idea either – and chat about Microsoft doubling down on gamers first. Along the way, we discuss whether or not the latest Call of Duty announcement is a step in the wrong direction, and get mildly excited about Larian Studios teasing a potential Baldur’s Gate 3.

Looking forward towards next week, we’ll be preparing our very own E3 Bingo cards, and we invite you to follow along. So grab a copy of the E3 2019 Bingo card made by a lovely, yet unfortunately uncredited, Redditor, fill it in, and tweet it to us @pushtotalkfm!