Episode 029 – The One Where Steam is Dead, Long Live Steam

In this episode of Push to Talk, we focus on why the Steam Summer Sale sucks, and whether or not Tim Sweeney of Epic Games is saving us for honorable or selfish reasons. Does it even matter?

In this episode of Push to Talk, the gang tries to podcast without their normal host, Jan. Joe pretends it’s an awful situation, but he hosts like nine podcasts, so it’s fine. Most of the actual (video game) chatter revolves around Steam and the underwhelming summer sale, as well as their 70/30 cut of game sales Valve takes from publishers and developers. Tim Sweeney of Epic Games claims to be fighting this injustice, but are his motives pure? Does it matter? All that and a bunch of talk about mowing lawns, throwing stupid out the window, and starting a Go Fund Me so Larryn can do plant things outside.